PTS Journey March 2021 – 114,000% return from one stock!?

Welcome to the March Edition of this epic Journey!

This month is all about the results after one month of Copy Trading on eToro.

If you remember our goal is to hit £30K  from Copy Trading! 

So let’s do a quick Update on whats gone on over the last month.

By the way…

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What happened in March?

Our Virtual portfolio is up nearly 150%!

IN ONE MONTH I have turned $100K into $247k

That is incredible… 


I am a little more skeptical, 

You see I was anticipating more like a 2/3% gain or even a loss as we have only just started our Copy Trading Journey!

So I had to do a little more investigating.

To start I opened up the old eToro account switched to virtual Account and then onto the Portfolio Section.

Once in the Portfolio section I then took a look at our traders.

All seemed okay…

Well except for Liam Davies on 592% Return.

Of course I could have just had really good timing as I Used the Copy Open Trades option when I started copying.

So I took a look at Liam Davies and Took a look at his stats in March he returned 5.18%.

A lot less than our 592% returns we received. 

I decided to dig a little deeper! 

I went back to the portfolio screen and then to Liam Davies and then scrolled down to the bottom to the Total Closed section and Clicked View.

Once here I took a look and noticed that two trades had made an incredible return.

Each Trade had made 100,000% Return. 

Now I checked the timings and the positions and unfortunately this had never actually occurred.

This leads me to the conclusion that unfortunately my eToro Demo account had glitched out. 

Regardless to make me feel better I decide to not contact eToro for a few days! 

Something satisfying about seeing a 100,000% gain and 250k sitting in a virtual account!

How did our Copy Traders do?

So Lets do a very brief summary of our traders and how they did this month!


Now I would love to say the 592.02% return Let face it but the reality was more like 5%







Excluding the anomalies from Liam Davies we are still up which is good! 

Closing Thoughts...

The 1st month of Copy Trading on a Virtual account has gone poorly to be honest.

I was hoping for a picture perfect example to share with you all however, looks like some Tom Foolery is going to be included in this journey I just hadn’t expected it so early on.

Its most likely just because I am disappointed that the 592% gain wasn’t legitimate.

Obviously this has been helped by the markets but Overall its a positive sign but remember you cant judge a strategy by 1 month in a virtual account.

And also be aware of sudden changes to your account! 

I have saved another 200 towards opening a real account.

Once we hit 1,000 in the bank we will commit to investing! 

If you want to join eToro click here.

I get a small commission at no extra cost if you go through a link on my website.

Any questions please do not hesitate to drop a comment!

Happy Trading

Joe Moricca

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