The Passive Trading System

76% of traders lose money online!

Nobody enjoys losing their hard earned money. We at Velox help you to make a consistent income stream from trading.

This 34 page eBook will provide 7 common trading tips so you stop losing money trading! Plus a 5 step process to help identify complex scams in less than 15 minutes!

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I made a 25% return. Beers are on me! I guess you are an "influencer"
Passive Trader
I am glad I copied Joseph Moricca. He really knows what he is doing!
Carlion Hewitt
Passive Trader
I just tripled my Joseph Moricca copy amount. Heres to 2020!
Passive Trader

The Deep Rooted Urge to Trade

Dear Reader,

Just imagine what it would mean to generate a time proven income stream that covered ALL of your living expenses, without having to spend the hundreds of hours learning how to do it. 

You would be able to spend more time with your family or partying with your friends … you would be able to quit any job you hate… you could follow any of your passions or deepest desires by not being tied to a day job… you could travel the world knowing you had a good income. 

So ask yourself… are you sick and tired of spending hours trying to learn to trade, or worse, spending your hard earned money on courses and signals that simply don’t work?

Then stop your stress and frustration of trying nicely covered up get rich quick schemes and follow our proven battle plan.

If over the last 5 years you had copied our selection of top traders you would have made over 400% profit.

We seek true diversification by tapping into the hidden strategies of trading.

Imagine having a portfolio that went up during the Corona Crash of 2020 instead of down 30% like most of the traditional investments.

I know it sounds hard to believe. Which is why we always recommend getting started on a risk free demo trading account. This way you can test out the strategies without losing any actual money!

Happy Trading!

Joseph Moricca

The Passive Trading System was designed to generate great returns every single year! An Average 5 year ROI of 33.18%
ZERO skill required to start
Tactics to start if you are on a budget

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“The crux of this strategy is all about copying the smart kids work, only you don’t get in trouble like at school, you get financially rewarded!”

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The Passive Trading System's Performance

The Passive Trading returns if 10,000 were invested in 2015
£10,000 invested with no additional deposits.Note if additonal deposits were added the rate of return would be significantly greater!

Start Small and Grow!

Investing is hard so let leading experts do it for you! By Investing $200 (£168) a month you could be financially free in 8 years! 

A step by step Guide!

I made the Passive Trading System progressive so as you grow we grow!  

Average ROI of 33.18%

I created the Passive Trading System for people to make great returns every year! So be successful and get in control!

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